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  As carriers of disease mice are a major pest... read more
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  Moles cause damage to lawns and sport fields... read more
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  The disease carrying rat population is on the more
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  Grey squirrels are classed as rodents... read more
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  Mink are pests that usually liver near water... read more
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  Wild ferrets can become a serious problem... read more
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  Wild rabbits are a pest to gardeners and more
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  Arguably the reason for the decrease in song birds... read more


Rats carry disease and are an increasing pest problem in the UK. Like mice rats reproduce very quickly meaning any infestation should be treated urgently.
Rats are usually nocturnal creatures so any spotted in daylight would indicate greater numbers at night.
Gnawing, strewn food rubbish, droppings and holes in the garden are all signs of rats.

Suggested positioning of traps:
Avoid open areas, rats are creatures of habit so look for signs of rat activity (droppings, urine etc)

Suggested bait:
Chocolate, sweet smelling food, cereal, dog biscuits

Suggested traps:

Pest PoliceTM Monarch Rat Trap
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Pest PoliceTM Small Mammal Trap
rat trap rat traps small mammal trap The Pest Police TM pest control
Pest PoliceTM Mammal Trap
rat trap rat traps mammal trap The Pest Police TM pest control
Pest PoliceTM Wooden Rat Trap
rat trap rat traps wooden rat trap The Pest Police TM pest control
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