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  As carriers of disease mice are a major pest... read more
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  Moles cause damage to lawns and sport fields... read more
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  The disease carrying rat population is on the more
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  Grey squirrels are classed as rodents... read more
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  Mink are pests that usually liver near water... read more
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  Wild ferrets can become a serious problem... read more
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  Wild rabbits are a pest to gardeners and more
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  Arguably the reason for the decrease in song birds... read more


As carriers of disease and nibblers of stored food mice are classed as a major pest. They can also manipulate their body to squeeze through very small holes.

Usually nocturnal creatures mice can reproduce every 5-10 weeks with a litter of 4-8 young. Any mouse infestation should be tackled as soon as possible to avoid a dramatic increase in the population.

Suggested positioning of traps:
Look for mouse droppings to show activity, traps should ideally be palced along a wall or secluded area rather than in the open.

Suggested bait:
Chocolate, sweet smelling food, cereal, dog biscuits
Note: Unfortunately the belief that mice prefer cheese is a myth.

Suggested traps:

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