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  As carriers of disease mice are a major pest... read more
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  Moles cause damage to lawns and sport fields... read more
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  The disease carrying rat population is on the more
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  Grey squirrels are classed as rodents... read more
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  Mink are pests that usually liver near water... read more
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  Wild ferrets can become a serious problem... read more
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  Wild rabbits are a pest to gardeners and more
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  Arguably the reason for the decrease in song birds... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I position my trap?

Find your pest from our list and we explain the best location for trapping them. Obviously this is trial and error so we would suggest trying a variety of locations until successful

Are they easy to set?

Yes, we have designed them to be very easy to set and we include full instructions.

Are there any additional precautions I should take?

We recommend people to use protective gloves when handling an occupied Pest PoliceTM trap for two reasons:

  • Although carry handles should keep your fingers away from the cage protective gloves will protect you against and claws or similar coming through the mesh.
  • Gloves will protect you from diseases caught from an animals urine or faeces.

Do you sell snares or ‘mark IV' style traps?

No. Snares, ‘mark IV' and ‘mark VI' traps can kill animals other than the targeted pest, for this reason we at The Pest PoliceTM have decided not to manufacture or supply them.

Why does your website list ‘limited stock, existing pest control customers only' for some traps?

Unfortunately if there is unprecedented demand for our traps our stocks can drop to unacceptably low levels. At this time we feel we have to limit our traps to existing pest control firms who rely on our traps for their livelihood and cannot run without them. We apologise for any problems this may cause and as soon as stocks allow we remove this restriction.

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