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The Pest PoliceTM Small Mammal Trap

rat trap

Trap setting made easy:

rat trap
-opening the door moves the retaining bar in to place for setting.
rat traps
-place the bait onto the bait hook.
monarch rat trap
-door is sprung shut when bait is dislodged from bait hook. Retaining bar keeps door closed while back hatch allows other pests into the trap.

£19.00 including delivery

A compact trap suitable for trapping a variety of pests. Bait is placed onto a bait hook above a treadle plate which springs shut the door when activated. A locking bar falls into place preventing the trapped animal escaping. A small run-through hatch at the rear allows further pests into the trap which is why this trap is sometimes referred to as a 'family rat trap'.
Dimensions: 38cm (l) x 18cm (w) x 17cm (h)
trap with track record of success
Multi-catch. Trap continues to catch pests even when occupied.
easy to set traps
Easy release of any unintended captured animals
safe transport trap
Heavy duty galvanised steel mesh used for cage
mammal trap Track record of success - this style of trap has been used by pest control companies for many years
Suitable for the following pests:
rat trap rat traps monarch rat trap The Pest Police TM pest control
squirrel trap squirrel traps wire cage trap The Pest Police TM squirrel pest control
mink trap mink traps wire cage trap The Pest Police TM mink pest control
ferret trap ferret traps wire trap The Pest Police TM ferret pest control

£19.00 including delivery
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01306 876767
The Pest PoliceTM is a trading division of C & D King Ltd

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