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The Pest PoliceTM 'Larsen/Larson' Magpie, Corvid Trap

magpie trap

Trap setting made easy:

rat trap
-place the call bird into the centre compartment with food and water
rat traps
-set the traps on both sides using the split perch to hold the trapdoors open
monarch rat trap
-door is sprung shut when magpie lands on and breaks the split perch .

£59.00 including delivery

We believe our larsen/larson traps are the best value for money magpie or corvid trap available. The cross-sectional area of our steel mesh uses over 50% more steel than the industry standard meaning it is less likely to warp or twist.

The middle section is used for a 'call bird', a trapped magpie that calls in others to the compartments on either side.
Note: The trap includes a weather canopy to protect the call bird but it must have food and water at all times and like all humane traps must be checked regularly.

If you do not have a call bird available then initially the trap will need baiting.

The trap has compartments on both sides to trap the magpies, these are activated by a split perch that traps the magpie inside. The spring-loaded door ensures the animal does not then escape.

Dimensions: 122cm (l) x 46cm (w) x 46cm (h)

trap with track record of success
Multi-catch. Trap can catch up to 2 magpies at a time (1 in each compartment).
easy to set traps
Spring-released doors cannot be pushed open by magpie trying to escape.
safe transport trap
Heavy duty 2.5mm diameter galvanised steel mesh used for cage
mammal trap Track record of success - this style of trap has been used by pest control companies for many years
Suitable for the following pests:
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£59.00 including delivery
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01306 876767
The Pest PoliceTM is a trading division of C & D King Ltd

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